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Engagement Through Gamification
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App Development
Security, Marketing
Rails, iOS, Network Infrastructure
Engagement Case Study
Engagement Platform Overview


Cybersecurity company, Entrust, came to our design partner, Mindspace to add a gamification element to their trade shows. The goal was to develop a digital brand experience that drove engagement at the Entrust booth, allowing Entrust employees to connect with conference attendees while creating brand awareness around their products and services.

Our Solution

We developed an interactive, digital, race- themed game, thematically supporting Entrust’s tagline of “Securing a World in Motion.” The game taught attendees about Entrust while providing an opportunity to win a prize. Onlookers could view progress on a large video display, while game participants used individual iPads to play.

  • iconAttendees at the Entrust booth signed up for the challenge
  • iconThey would be “drivers racing against time.”
  • iconTwo cohesive digital experiences
  • iconQuestion bank and interactions on the iPads
  • iconRacing videos displayed in split screens on the larger monitor
  • iconData capture and reporting
  • iconPrivate local network for secure communication

The Solution

Attendees at the Entrust booth signed up for the challenge, where they would be “drivers racing against time.” To win a prize, they needed to correctly answer 10 questions in five minutes or less. Questions were shuffled and pulled from a bank of 50+ in order to provide a different experience for each “driver.” The drivers used iPads to enter their names, answer the game questions and view stats in real-time (e.g., number of questions answered, time remaining). Simultaneously, the separate video monitor displayed these stats on top of racing videos that were timed to each individual’s progress.

Store driver information and game statistics for followup reporting.
Shuffle from the question bank and give accurate feedback answers.
Track correct answers to determine if someone “won” in time.
Keep track of presented questions to avoid repetition in each game.
Play and align the racing video to incorporate iPad input
Synchronize video and game play to bring everyone into the action.

The Impact

The Entrust Cybersecurity Challenge was built to attract and engage trade show attendees, while providing opportunities for Entrust employees to educate and contact them further. Ultimately, the final experience combined multiple moving pieces in order to successfully achieve these goals around attendance, engagement and education.

Over 450 games played across 4 days
67% win rate (aligning to prize inventory)
Built and launched in under 45 days
“Best game at the show” - Client reaction


By listening to our customer, we designed and developed a reusable engaging experience for Entrust. We provided onsite setup and tech support for the first launch of the game. The experience ran flawlessly throughout the four-day trade show, with standards now in place for Entrust to easily replicate setup at future events.


Creative Approach, Gamification Strategy, Engagement Strategy, UX Strategy


Creative Direction, Copywriting and Content Development, Art Direction and Visual Design, Motion Graphics and Interactive Element Design, UI/UX Design, Wireframing and Prototyping


Project Management, Video Editing and Production, Event Support, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, QA Testing and Deployment