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Non Profit Management Platform
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Web Platform Development
Non-Profit, Summer Camps, Education
Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Postgres
EDMO Overview
Non Profit Case Study


Faced with budget constraints and operational inefficiencies due to a convoluted system of spreadsheets and disparate cloud applications, EDMO needed to streamline their operations and camp sign-ups.

Our Solution

Allied Code offered a strategic solution, building a unified platform using an Agile approach to integrate EDMO's marketing website with their operational systems and automate the advertising of their programs.

  • iconAllied Code proposed staged plan for unified platform
  • iconPlatform integrates marketing with operations
  • iconMarketing site and web platform integration
  • iconLong-term platform development plan in place

The Solution

As they neared the project's completion, EDMO and Allied Code made a strategic pivot, realigning the solution's focus towards facilitating partnerships with school districts which were identified as the primary source of their business, rather than direct-to-student signups.

Insight: Most business from school districts
Agile pivot towards facilitating district partnerships
New focus: District-specific sign-up portals

The Impact

This agile pivot resulted in a timely MVP geared towards engaging school districts, enabling EDMO to maximize their local impact and broaden their reach, consequently resulting in increased productivity and a higher number of sign-ups.

Agile pivot led to timely MVP
New platform broadened EDMO's local impact
Significant productivity increase, more camp sign-ups


Through a successful collaboration with a trusted software development partner and an agile approach to change, EDMO was able to significantly enhance their operational efficiency and meet their objective of serving more Bay Area campers, underlining the importance of agility, flexibility, and trusted partnerships in software development.


The successful collaboration with Allied Code demonstrated the effectiveness of trusted partnerships in software development.


The Agile approach to change played a crucial role in realizing the project's success.


This transformation underlined the importance of agility and flexibility in software development, enabling EDMO to meet its objectives and serve more campers in the Bay Area.